Thursday, 29 March 2018

did you shake your tail feathers

Did You Shake Your Tail Feathers?

P5 What can we infr about Kāhu? He got scared

Does he feel the same way about returning the feather as Weka? no

Why is Kāhu following Weka? Because he want the feathers

P7  How is this similar to when Weka talked to Kāhu? Is this your feathers

P8  Why did Kiwi snap at Weka?because  he is this your feathers

P9 Why do you think Kāhu swooped down from the branches above? Kahu flew up in the air and followed her.

P10 What has Weka bumped into?it too beautiful for that

Why have Kāhu and Pūkeko stopped? The swamp hen

P15 What does this page tell us about Kārearea?the New Zealand falc

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